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With over 15,000 unduplicated songs to choose from, Posey has a song for everyone to sing. My library of songs includes oldies (50ís to 90ís), classic rock, country, pop, adult contemporary, disco, urban, hip hop, metal and Broadway. I update my music selection monthly with current country, pop and rock selections.

All of my songs are on legally purchased CDGs. I also carry a back-up karaoke player to ensure that the show will go on in the unlikely event of a problem.

I use an Allen & Heath mixing console (best in the industry) with special effects to enhance the singersí voices. I also have 4 Shure SM 58 microphones (the industry standard) for simultaneous use if a group of 3 or 4 singers would like to sing at the same time. JBL EON self-powered speakers are used for my karaoke shows.

Not only will you and your friends enjoy their five minutes of fame singing their favorite karaoke songs, I will make sure they sound as good as they can. I can also help them out and sing along with them if they need a little encouragement or assistance. I have two dozen printed songbooks with songs listed alphabetically by artist as well as by song title.

Each event is unique and my pricing reflects that. I am a fair, honest, and ethical professional DJ with over 25 years of experience and well worth the price.