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Other Parties

If you are thinking about having a party and considering entertainment, Tom Flowers of Posey Pro DJ & Karaoke Service should be your first choice. Having performed hundreds of parties since 1984, Posey has the knowledge and experience to make your party a success. If you are considering a class reunion, corporate function, anniversary, birthday, graduation, block party, theme party, holiday function, or whatever reason to have a party, rest assured Posey will make it happen.

I know how to interact with your guests and get the party rolling. With over 50,000 legal and “clean” songs (no offensive lyrics) on 2 Apple computers, I have music for everyone (40s up to today’s top hits). I take requests and play the music you and your guests want to hear. I keep people on the dance floor all party long and will even teach a couple of line dances (group dances) if you like.

My music always sounds terrific on my JBL sound system and I make sure the music will be played at an appropriate volume that is not offensive to your guests. I also bring along a dazzling light show to enhance the party atmosphere.

For an additional fee, karaoke can be added to your party to increase guest participation.

My business has been built on referrals and your satisfaction is always my #1 goal. Each party is unique and my pricing reflects that. I am a fair, honest and professional DJ with over 25 years of experience and well worth the price.


School / Teen Dances

Posey has all the “clean” versions (no offensive lyrics) of today’s top chart, urban, hip hop, modern rock, dance and country music. I take requests and mix the music that the students want to hear. All of my music is downloaded to 2 Apple computers using MegaSeg software which is extremely stable and rock solid.

The key to a successful school/teen dance is two fold. First, I bring a killer sound system large enough to fill an entire gymnasium with tons of bass and extreme clarity. The music will sound great and you will feel the music no matter where you are in the room.

Second, students want to experience a club type atmosphere in their gym. I transform the room into a “club atmosphere” by using over a dozen special lighting effects along with 8 par cans. All of my lighting is supported by a professional heavy duty truss system similar to that used by touring groups. This helps to ensure the safety of the students in case someone crashes into it.

I have a responsibility as a DJ and role model to control the crowd. I lay down the ground rules before the dance begins. No banging or crashing into one another will be tolerated, nor will tossing anyone in the air or climbing on another person’s shoulders. If any of the above takes place, I simple stop the music until the situation is taken care of. I realize the importance of safety and well being of the students.

See the referral section for my proven track record on YWCA teen dances. I’m a member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.) with a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.

I truly enjoy doing school dances and creating good times and memories for the students. I don’t just try to meet the students expectations for a dance, I always strive to exceed them.

Each dance is different and unique and my pricing reflects that. My reputation is built on referrals and your satisfaction is always my #1 goal.